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Ag-Tech Air

Providing growers with superior service has always been the main pillar of our organization. As the agriculture industry evolves, it is important that we stay on top of the progressive changes in our industry. Ag-Tech Air LLC was formed in 2012, for that exact reason. With aerial application proving to be a significant advantage for growers, we had several goals in mind with the new business venture.  We wanted our growers to get the best custom aerial application job possible, utilizing the best technology and equipment available, to get their acres applied in a timely fashion.

In 2012, our fleet consisted of one Air Tractor 802A agriculture airplane. Now, we have expanded our fleet to include three late-model 802As to service our growing trade territory.

Technology is playing a vital role in the ag industry, and we are using it to our growers’ advantage. Our airplanes are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, so our highly qualified pilots can do the best job in the industry. Some of the technology we utilize includes:

  • VeriFly GPS Guidance System
  • AgSync Dispatch
  • Flow Control Rate Controller
  • Wingman Loaders

With our computer and GPS systems, we transfer our map files to/from the airplane to our offices with the push of a button. This allows us to offer our customers features such as receiving automated text and email messages as soon as one of their fields is completed. Most of the time, our growers will be notified before the airplane lands to load for their next job.

With our integration with AgSync Mapping Management, we have “asset management” capabilities, which allows us to track the airplane’s location at all times so the efficiency of our ground crews is greatly magnified. Better efficiency means we are able to cover more acres, in less time!

With our vested interest in the aerial application industry, we have been able to help growers with their bottom line and “grow more bushels.” The ability to control the entire process of aerial application from the first step of what products to use, to the final step of completing the application job gives growers the edge to have the best application job possible and maximize yields through timely, quality aerial application.

Whether it’s aerial-applied dry fertilizer, fungicide, crop nutrients or cover crop seed, call your local Ag-Tech Team today to help maximize your profits!

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